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  • Graeme Sloan

How will you spend the summer?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Well, if you have not organised your contracts correctly then you could spend it evaluating tenders and awarding contracts. That, of course, would mean getting Governors in to approve the awards, so easy during the summer holidays!

So how do you avoid this well let us start with your contract register: -

  • When are contracts scheduled to end?

  • What type of procurement will you need to replace them?

  • Do you need to partner with others and procure under a framework, if so how long will those negotiations take?

With these sort of questions answered you can make your plans. When letting agreements consider when they will end. It is simple in a tender to offer for a period of months that means you do not conflict with other school events. We recommend no contracts expire in May, November, December, June, July, August or September. Why, because it will either conflict with the run-up to Christmas or the summer exam season or the start of the academic year. You do not want to be taking contractors around the school during the summer exam season to measure up etc.

If you do not have a contract register talk to us and we can help you with a template. If you want more assistance such as having us create the contract register and then make recommendations as to how to maximise the savings available to you please get in touch.

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