• Graeme Sloan

Balancing the Circle

Updated: Aug 12

You are a Headteacher, your budget is limited, your costs are increasing and balancing the circle is a daily problem.

Where are the savings to come from? According to the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, most organisations lose 9.2% through inefficient processes, typically from:

a lack of clear scope and goals that result in additional claims or disputes for those things that you thought were included or you forgot to specify;a lack of advice which means you are likely to use the wrong form of contract and that can result in extended lead time;insufficient training in risk allocation i.e. do you understand the meaning of Contract terms and the implication of the clauses? If you don’t and get it wrong, you are likely to have a loss of economic benefit and find the contract being used as a weapon against you; Contracts that lack flexibility or focus on governance can be dominated by blame/fault and performance management issues;Contracts that are difficult to use or understand that then result in inefficiency and loss of quality in performance.

Let us help you with a simple audit of your contracts. If we cannot find you savings in excess of our fee then we will not charge you a penny-piece.

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