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Graeme Sloan


I started Procurement4Education following my experience as a Governor in a secondary school. It was trapped in all sorts of damaging contracts. Working with the new business manager, I identified the most destructive and started to terminate or renegotiate the contracts. We achieved reductions in excess of 50% for an identical service in one case from the same provider. In all, we made savings of £140,000 in one year. 

I am an experienced and successful Contracts/Commercial Director. I am used to leading large-scale Business Process Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing and Business Transformation / Separation opportunities, together with large capital installation projects in both private and public sectors.

I have a creative and entrepreneurial spirit and can always find the 'win' for all, being entrusted with and delivering commercial strategy and practical negotiation and procurement decisions.

Specialities: Contract Automation; Commercial Leadership; Contract Negotiation; Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO); Business Process Outsourcing (BPO); Business Transformation and Separation; P&L Management.

Alison Sloan

Hello, I’m Alison Sloan and I will tell you about my qualifications for helping you with these types of project in a while however let me start by telling you something about who I am.


I lived recently in a small, country village and was very involved in the community.  Last year, I set up simple and effective systems to enable local volunteers to plan and run a Meals on Wheels service for individuals who are shielding or who are unable to shop or cook for themselves.  I have also implemented systems for the village hall and church to maintain accounts, bookings, Gift Aid recovery etc.  I love to work in teams and I love developing systems that make life easier for those who use them. I recently moved to France where I support the business from.


More formally, my career began as a financial auditor followed by a few years in industry as a Finance and IT manager before I ran away from accounting to become a software consultant for a major ERP vendor.


I spent around five years implementing the financial and procurement modules of that solution for a variety of UK and international customers before moving into Pre-Sales for the same company.


The Pre-sales role is brilliant as it involves huge amounts of customer contact to get the information that is needed to be able to make recommendations for the right solution.  It’s very akin to auditing in that it’s essential to be able to ‘discover’ the underlying reality of either numbers or requirements through a guided and focused approach to questioning.  It’s also where you build a strong relationship with the customer and form a great team to deliver good results with minimum re-work.


Later, I took on strategic customer management for another US software vendor who specialised in Pricing, looking after key customers in the UK and across much of Europe.  Again, this role continued to provide me with plenty of customer contact and an opportunity to brush up on my language skills (French and German).


I have recently directed the development of a commercial contract management system; an app to provide an organisational view of project risks and opportunities and a tablet-based auditing system along with other customer-specific solutions.  I rely on my ability to understand customer requirements and also feedback to tell me what’s working and what isn’t.

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